SwitchLegal managing partner publiceert op TLC Forum for Robots&Society

Greetings from Sendai, Milan and Warwick! I am pleased to inform you that Prof. Dr. Robert van den Hoven van Genderen’s “Artificial people: How will the law adapt to intelligent systems?” has been published on TLC Forum for Robots & Society. You can access it via http://robohub.org/artificial-people-how-will-the-law-adapt-to-intelligent-systems/

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Yueh-Hsuan Weng, ROBOLAW ASIA
Francesca Bosco, Tech and Law Center
Giuseppe Vaciago, Tech and Law Center
Kassandra Perlongo, Robohub


Robotics technology is no longer limited to industry. Climate Controls, 3D printers, surveillance robots, drones, household and even sex robots are entering the private market. The more autonomous they become, the more difficult it becomes to resolve conflicts, such as those between humans and software. The law currently recognizes individuals, like you and me. Also companies, organizations and governments can negotiate agreements and liability. These non-natural persons are represented by real people (they should be controlled after all). But what about autonomous systems that take over tasks and make intelligent decisions that might be interpreted as a legal act?

Prof. Dr. Robert van den Hoven van Genderen’s Profile:

Professor Dr. Robert van den Hoven van Genderen has a vast history in business and science. Currently, he is director of the Center for Law and Internet of the Law Faculty of the VU University of Amsterdam and managing partner at Switchlegal Lawyers in Amsterdam. In the recent past, he has been an executive legal officer for the European Project Hemolia on anti-money laundering for financing terrorism and advisor for the Council of Europe sand Nato on privacy. Further, he has been director for regulatory affairs of BT Netherlands and Telfort and secretary Information Policy for the Netherlands Employers Organisation. He has published several articles and books on telecommunication law, IT law, privacy and robot law and lectured on these subjects at different universities in the Netherlands and abroad.

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